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Unique opportunities

Collaboration for creative solutions

We believe good design adds value to a building, creates identity and enhances the experience of its users.

Watts II Holt have an excellent track record of gaining planning permission for challenging sites and delivering high quality buildings on site through various procurement methods.

Our creative * works within the bounds of budget and client expectations.

Our daily projects include advice and holistic drawing production for; planning, listed buildings and construction packages in local and national locations for:

Domestic extensions and alterations

  • One off houses
  • Small scale housing development up to 5 houses
  • Office to flat conversion
  • New office buildings
  • Large scale housing developments and master planning
  • New build flatted developments
  • Nightclubs and specialist use premises.
  • Commercial and industrial schemes, including new industrial parks
  • Leisure uses, swimming parks and bespoke clients

We understand the drivers of commercial development and the value good design can bring to a project, we use our skills to unlock the potential of any site.

Watts Holt provides early stage advice to clients commissioning new buildings or reviewing the performance or use of existing buildings. Our work includes supporting clients when developing their brief, stress testing the project and advising on viability, managing architectural process and selecting other consultants or third parties that may be required to offer your project the best chances of success.

One step ahead

Spot long term problems before you buy

A building survey not only describes the visible defects but considers the longer-term potential problems caused by hidden flaws and provides an outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity. Our reports offer a list of essential repairs or considerations at the end of the report to highlight our most significant findings, for your quick reference.

Always ahead of the game

Current techniques for the best protection

Because we are regulated by the RICS, we follow strict rules of conduct – including having in place insurance to protect you – our surveyors must update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers so you can rely on their expertise and you are protected by a complaints procedure and access to independent redress through an Ombudsman scheme.